ZONE ENGINEERING B.V. provides a full range of operational procurement of a wide range of goods and services. Operational procurement covers all the activities related to the actual implementation of the order function.

This includes sourcing, tendering, procurement and order monitoring.

Conducting a sourcing project appropriately requires a lot of knowledge and experience. With over 10 years of experience, ZONE ENGINEERING B.V. built up an extensive network. Our dedicated team of buyers are committed to finding the best supplier in the market for each product. By means of global sourcing, we search all over the world for the best products, at the best possible rate and the fastest delivery time.

We will request at least three suppliers to offer their best quotation to your product request. Based on that, we provide you with the best purchasing conditions. By bundling large volumes of different clients, we have negotiated excellent discounts for various product groups. Our procurement process is designed to select the best trading conditions from the market.

Our buyers discuss the final selection with you and after you have decided what you want to buy, our buyers purchase the goods. In the end, you control your procurement process.

Order monitoring
After the order has been placed, we monitor the fulfillment of the supply agreements made by the supplier. We monitor whether the ordered goods or services are actually delivered. We also control the progress of the production of the supplier with regards to quality and delivery. In addition, we ensure that the supplies arrive at the agreed time and location.